$CECE PPL COIN built on Binance Chain

Cece is people coin no taxes no shitty, pure of decentralised community owned, built on Binance Smart Chain with low fees than eth, memeable coin has born to create the history on BSC ecosystem.

$CECE is one of the most memeable coin on BSC ecosystem

Original meme stuff

Cece based on memeable community decentralised coin that has an original meme stuff ever in every single of shilling days, all the members of community may to create Cece's meme & spread to the crypto world, meme is just a huge fundamental of us.

Cece is an opposite of Pepe

Cece was born to become an opposite on Pepe that has very high fees with the ETH network, furthermore BSC ecosystem has low fees which mean there is a hug of opportunities to be the first memeable meme coin on Binance Smart Chain.

Listing on

There is no taxes or whatever is like a shit as the other taxes exist projects, this is just community support to built!